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There are hundreds of double glazing installers throughout the UK, ranging from small independent double glazing companies that only serve their locality, to national chains that have branches across the UK.

When it comes to choosing a double glazing installer, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure you receive a professional double glazing installation service at a reasonable cost.

You should ask at least three different double glazing installers for a quote so you can assess whether you are being overcharged or not. Don’t forget, obtaining a quote from a double glazing company does not mean you have to use their services. In addition, most double glazing companies will offer free double glazing online or telephone quotations, but some will charge so check before you ask for a double glazing quote.

It is worth noting that in England and Wales, all double glazing installation work is subject to building regulation approval, or in most cases is covered by the FENSA self-certification scheme.
By law, any replacement double glazing installed since April 2002 must comply with building regulations under the thermal performance standards. When the time comes to sell your property, you will need to show your purchaser’s solicitor evidence of this with a certificate that shows the double glazing work has been carried out by a double glazing installer who is registered with FENSA or a similar body.

FENSA is used by double glazing companies to certify that their replacement windows and doors legally comply with Building Regulations Document L, and are therefore safe and reliable.

Where possible you should only hire a double glazing company or double glazing installer that is registered with FENSA and a list of these can be obtained from your local council. The FENSA scheme has led to double glazing installers actually reducing their charges because there is no longer a need to submit for building approval for each installation, so the scheme really is good for double glazing installers and consumers alike.

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