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When having double glazing installed, it is important to check that the guarantee includes double glazing repairs and any problems with the windows, and of course how long the guarantee lasts for. If you are moving into a new home then check when the double glazing was installed, whether the guarantee passes over to you as the new owner, and which double glazing company fitted the windows, doors or conservatory.

Although we would like to think that once double glazing has been installed there will be no problems with it, sometimes the worst happens and you must be prepared if a fault does occur with your double glazing.

It is important to contact the double glazing company as soon as possible if your windows or doors develop a problem at any time during the guarantee period, so you can arrange the double glazing repair work before the fault worsens.

If your double glazing needs repairing after the guarantee period has ended, it is worth contacting at least three different double glazing repair companies for quotes, so you know you are not being overcharged for the double glazing repair work. You should also choose a double glazing company that can repair the windows quickly and efficiently to prevent the problem from getting worse.

There are some types of double glazing repairs you will probably have to pay for, especially as your double glazing ages. These include misty units, hinges, conservatory leaks, locks, runners for patio doors, balance springs, teleflex gearing, floor springs, transome closers and emergency exit equipment.

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